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We are a high-tech company with high growth potential. The chief technical team is composed of 8 doctors from Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Taiwan Changgung University, etc. The sales team has more than 10 years of overseas sales experience of lithium batteries. We are the R&D and sales partner of CALB,REPT and other international leading lithium battery manufacturers.

Who We Are

Ceramix (Luoyang) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company specializing in development, production and sales of solid electrolyte, the core raw material of lithium battery next-generation Technology–Solid-state Battery. Attracted by industry policies and regional advantages, it settled in Luoyang, the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties. The institute plans to apply for the establishment in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, and the production base is planned to be built in Luoyang High-tech Zone.

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Under the leadership of Dr. Chen Yufu, the company has gathered a group of young elite teams with high starting point, high quality and high education in various fields such as material engineering, electrochemistry, communication technology, power system, electronic engineering, automation and structural design. Relying on excellent technology, perfect supply chain and sound quality management system, the company simultaneously develops a series of Marine power, low-speed power and large, medium and small energy storage businesses around the main business, forming a good relationship between R&D and market promotion, and promoting the healthy and rapid growth of the company.

At present, the company’s mature enterprise product series includes new energy low-voltage system, new energy marine power, low-speed car lithium battery system, UPS backup system, energy storage system and other series, and has a number of patent technology, to achieve a rapid response to customers, key products in the domestic market rapid growth.  Adhering to the vision of “green energy, harmonious nature”, we are striving to become a global supplier of high-quality solid-state battery materials and lithium battery systems. In the future to grow into a reliable partner in the industry, customers recognized the most growth ability of new energy core enterprises.

We handle everything for you!

We offer you one-stop services from cell selection, battery testing,module process, pack design and assembly and export. OEM available.

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Class-A cells from our strategic partners CALB, REPT and other leading lithium battery factories in the world, as well as our laboratory can customize small batch production of special purpose pouch cells for you. Pack design from China’s top scientists team, fully automated PACK assembly line, quality testing equipment. Our products are used in a wide range of applications. Specifically, a lithium-ion battery is finding its market in medical instruments,energy storage, equipment power,etc

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Success Story


They meet

Having worked in the lithium battery trade for many years, Tommy met Dr Chen Yufu while studying at CAS. New entrepreneurial ideas occur.

They meet

01 February 2017

First Work!


They began experimenting with solid-state electrolytes in a laboratory at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. More and more people are joining us in the process.


05 June 2017

Let’s Celebrate

Be invested

We started to participate in The China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition with our preliminary R&D results, and won the fifth place in the industry competition, which was widely concerned and obtained angel round financing.

Be invested

31 September 2018

Let’s Cheers!

CeramiX new bron

After several years of development, CeramiX was attracted by the sincerity expressed by Luoyang government in 2021, and moved to Luoyang to start a new development.

CeramiX new bron

12 March 2021

Our Core Team

A person can go very fast, a team can go very far!

Chen Yufu

Chief Technology Officer


Chief Executive Officer

Tommy Zhao

Chief Operation Officer

Jonny Ye

Chief Engineer

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