Cylindrical LFP Cell

The type of Cylindrical LFP cell is usually a battery factory meaning a number, which is used as a batch number tracking, but the specifications, most general purpose batteries produced by different manufacturers are the same, the difference is the size of the battery capacity. Cylindrical LFP cells specifications are composed of numbers and characters. The basic specification data for the battery surface are nominal voltage 3.2V, capacity and number of representative specifications.

High Safety customized cell by CeramiX

A variety of electrochemical characteristics, there is always one to suit your requirements.

The cylindrical cell customized by CeramiX joint strategic cooperation cell factory is provided by Dr. Chen Yufu, one of the founders of CeramiX exclusive battery formula, mainly in the cathode and anode materials and electrolyte innovation, the cathode material added special metal elements, making safety more secure, higher charge and discharge rate. Unique electrolyte can ensure better low temperature performance of the battery.Our cylindrical cell has the characteristics of low price, high safety, high consistency of cell, Constant discharge rate can reach 3C and so on. It is suitable for UPS, solar street lamp power supply, low speed vehicle power supply, outdoor power supply, communication base station standby power supply and so on. 

Technical Specifications

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