Research & Development

Green batteries for a blue planet

We’re in the battery business. Our main R&D direction is the next generation lithium battery-solid state battery, whose core raw material solid electrolyte R&D and mass production scheme. Help solid-state batteries to enter the mainstream market at a low price and high quality as soon as possible, and completely solve the safety risks in the use of lithium batteries. Our team has a deep understanding of the most basic lithium battery materials, and our mainstream R&D job is favored and expected by some leading lithium battery factories in China. This is the huge advantage that we can engage in lithium battery trade and service at the same time, so as to obtain funds to support our dream. 

Powered by the forces of Ceramixenergy

A huge problem that has been plaguing lithium batteries is the tragic accident of lithium battery burning and explosion which occurred from time to time due to improper operation or inadequate supervision. The root cause of all this is the electrolyte, one of the 4 core materials of lithium-ion batteries. The electrolyte is a flammable and volatile substance with a ignition temperature of about 150℃. CeramiX’s main R&D efforts are aimed at solving this problem. In the future, we will produce a Solid electrolyte calling Nasicon ceramics, which has a ignition point above 1,000 ℃. This will fundamentally solve the safety problems in the use of lithium batteries.

CeramiX Lab.

Our lab is jointly built with Henan University of Science and Technology Materials school and CALB, with strong support from Luoyang government. Our material formulations, sintering and testing processes are all done in our own laboratory.

Pilot line and Pack workshop

CeramiX built its own design and assembly workshop for lithium battery pack in 2020, and shared CALB’s lithium battery pilot line to engage in small batch pilot production of solid state batteries.

CeramiX Detection workshop

CeramiX has more than 10 sets of testing equipment for lithium batteries and battery pack, which can be used for testing materials at the front end, dropping, squeezing and pinching of lithium battery cell and system. Ensure 100% safety.

The advantages of CeramiX's supply of Lithium battery products

CeramiX is supported by many leading lithium battery enterprises in the supply chain, with strong supply chain and price advantages. Our R & D team comes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has the strength beyond ordinary enterprises in the selection and control of battery cells. Our electronic control technology can increase the safety of lithium battery use. These advantages are the guarantee that CeramiX can bring you high quality and low price lithium battery products.

A technology-led lithium battery trader

It can be expected that CeramiX will also be a high-tech manufacturing enterprise in the future, but our future mass production products are solid electrolyte, the core raw material of solid battery. There are glimmer of hope, but full-scale production of solid-state batteries is still years away. Prior to that, CeramiX focused on applying its technological prowess to current lithium-ion batteries to ensure that we could go far enough. Support CeramiX means supportting the upward breakthrough of lithium battery technology!

Brief introduction of CeramiX's CTO

Dr. Chen Yufu graduated from Taiwan Yuanzhi University majoring in chemical engineering and material science. After his doctoral degree, he served as the general manager of Gold Carbon Cell Factory, planned and designed the construction of the factory with an annual capacity of 1GWH. Before leading his team to establish CeramiX, he was the project leader of lithium battery materials in Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

CeramiX's R&D team

Our R&D team has 8 doctors, 16 masters, 24 bachelor degree or above. Distributed in new energy materials discipline, physical electronic control discipline, electronic engineering and production line automation and other disciplines.

CeramiX's phase results

We have completed the laboratory mass production of solid-state electrolyte ceramic powder in 2021, and independently completed the electrolyte membrane, trial-produced the first solid-state battery, and completed needle-prick tests, so as to achieve absolute safety and obtain very good battery testing results. We have obtained 4 invention patents, and more than 10 invention patents are under review.

CeramiX's experience in the field of lithium battery application and case

In the past few years, the team of CeramiX has completed a large number of innovative lithium battery terminal applications based on the scientific research platform and the company level, accumulated a lot of successful experience and rich case analysis, and successfully integrated into the market to complete the commercial operation. We have participated in the completion of large solar and wind energy storage 3MWH projects in northwest China, Marine power, low-speed vehicle power, communication base station backup power and many other successful cases.

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