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How to choose the most suitable lithium battery?

The right choice is the beginning of success

Choosing the right lithium battery cell is the foundation of your project success. If the cell selection is not correct enough, you will face these problems:

  1. Insufficient space to install the battery pack, which wasted early work and required flushing of the design.
  2. The battery pack quality is not as expected, and end users are not satisfied.
  3. The price of battery pack is too expensive, leading to the difficulty of market development.
  4. There are functional defects in battery packs, and the end products fail to meet expectations, resulting in sales difficulties…..
  5. And so on and so forth.

So how to choose the most appropriate cell, Cylindrical or Prismatic or Pouch cell? The choice of ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate or lithium manganese, lithium titanate? Tell us about your application and listen to our rationalization suggestions before making your choice.

Energy Storage System Solutions

Clean renewable energy is popular all over the world, and large lithium battery energy storage makes the renewable energy generation get reasonable utilization.

Marine energy solutions

Due to environmental protection and the shortage of fossil fuels, electric ships are a market with high growth potential. Its market is new and growing at a high speed.

Low-speed vehicle power solutions

Low-speed 2 or 4-wheeled vehicles can meet the needs of people commuting in a short distance. The use of electric power has its own super big advantages.

Electric equipment Solutions

With the technological progress of lithium battery, more and more engineering equipment began to use lithium electricity as power because of the advantages of quiet, light and flexible, maintenance free, no pollution totally green and so on. Such as forklift, AGV, MEWP and so on.

Uninterruptible power supply

Sudden power failure will bring great trouble to many places, such as communication base station can not transmit signal, data center’s important data loss, medical equipment can not work and so on, which will lead to huge economic loss or even life harm, so UPS is necessary in many places.

Domestic ESS solutions

The frequent occurrence of major disasters around the world, the aging of power grid facilities in some regions and other reasons have led to a large area of long-term power outages, bringing great inconvenience to families, which makes home energy storage of great significance.

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