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We dedicated to Nasicon series of solid electrolyte LAGP, LATP, as well as LLZO development and commercial manufacturing. Based on the expertise of our R&D team in battery materials and electronic control, we also good at the R&D and manufacturing of lithium battery cell and lithium battery integration system.

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CeramiX, Pioneer in lithium battery technology innovation.

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As a leading battery company, CeramiX’s innovative, safe, and reliable technology delivers high performance on land, at sea, in the air, and in space.

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We can provide the best solution of lithium battery according to the needs of customers.

Electric Bicycle

Energy storage container

Electric bus

Renewable Energy Storage

Telecommunication Backup Power

Marine Power

Data Center

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Our breakthrough technology, advanced manufacturing capabilities and experienced leadership are providing solutions that power a wide range of applications. Contact Ceramixenergy to discuss custom systems for your specific application needs.

We are leader in industrial market since 2012

Be Innovators For Business Partners Throughout The World. We dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium battery integration system

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How can our products give your business a competitive advantage? Then provide our customers with a rapid solution.

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We give advice on the best match and requirements according to the customer's specific application.

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Select the most suitable lithium battery cell from our strong supply-chain according to the confirmed solution.

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The most versatile LFP batteries and battery management systems that provide world class integrations in the industry.

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Reputation comes first. We are committed to safety and quality, will never use defective products as high quality battery.

We Provide

Even if you are a beginner of lithium battery, we will provide you with the most professional consulting services to help you develop new business.

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