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What can CeramiX do for you?

Dr.chen introduced CeramiX to officials

Who is CeamiX?

CeramiX(Luoyang) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech start-up company with R&D as the leading, trade as the support, high-end manufacturing as the target, and IPO as the dream.
The company’s initial R&D team comes from the team of Dr. Chen Yufu from Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Chen Yufu graduated from Taiwan Yuanzhi University majoring in chemical Engineering and material Science, and participated in the design, organization and construction of Taiwan Golden Carbon Cell Factory as the general director in 2016. A plant with an annual capacity of 1GWH ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate cells was built on a vacant lot. Encountered in the process in mainland China, the rapid development of the lithium battery industry with complete supply chain, super market, more basic talent reserves, so to make a decision in 2017 to the Chinese mainland started his higher layer of entrepreneurial dream, set up a factory that R&D and produce core material for solid-state battery, ceramic solid electrolyte.
Dr Chen arrived in Chinese mainland’s first stop is Ningbo material research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS). CAS is the highest level of scientific research in China, is China’s top scientists gathering place, a total of distribution in China’s cities, 108 research institute, which ranked 14th. Ningbo institute takes materials and high-end materials science research as the main research subjects, among them, the research of lithium battery raw materials is in the forefront of the world.

CeramiX’s Lab

Dr. Chen is in charge of the lithium battery materials project at Ningbo institute of CAS. He fully displays what he has learned in life on the platform of CAS, attracting more and more excellent talents to join his team, and successfully produces the LAGP and LATP ceramic solid electrolyte of Nasicon series in 2018. At the beginning of 2019, the first all-solid-state battery was successfully manufactured with its own solid-state electrolyte. After puncture and extrusion tests, the battery did not fire or smoke, and it could keep the normal charge and discharge of the positive and negative electrodes, and the durability test reached 5000 cycles, which truly realized the success of the laboratory-level all-solid-state battery.
China today is highly open and actively support high-tech exploration and adventure, especially in China’s positive response to the global environmental requirements under the background of national policy on the future development of Chinese science level of “carbon up to the peak of 2030 and 2060 carbon neutral” under the impetus of the development goals, we successfully established CeramiX and get the recognition of venture capital institutions, Obtained the first angel round of financing to develop laboratory research results into commercial mass production. Known by all, lithium battery is pollution-free, but it has always been a troubled all the user’s concern is the safety problem, lithium battery in use process has a small probability of combustion and explosion due to the improper operation or some broken, whose main reason is as the electrolyte in the 4 major raw materials of lithium battery is a kind of flammable volatile material, its burning temperature is 150 °, Once the lithium battery collision or thermal runaway caused by internal short circuit , easy to reach the ignition point start combustion. CeramiX’s Nasicon series ceramic solid electrolyte has a ignition point above 1000℃, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of lithium battery combustion and explosion, and can effectively improve the energy density by about 50%. Therefore, solid-state battery as the development path of the next generation of lithium battery has become the consensus of most experts in the lithium battery industry around the world.
CeramiX will develop into a high-tech manufacturer producing and selling ceramic solid electrolyte to major lithium battery factories in the future.

The advantages of CeramiX’s lithium products in exporting

Attend CALB strategic partner signing conference

R&D and manufacturing a new product is a great challenge and a long stick to, even if the product in theory has enormous advantages and market demand, even if the product has achieved the success of the laboratory, but from the laboratory successfully into the low-cost commercial production is still a huge waiting across the threshold. This process can be extremely expensive, it is a scientific adventure, we might even say it is a gamble. Yet when you look at the world’s innovative breakthroughs today, it’s hard to argue that any of them haven’t been a gamble before. At present, CATL from China has occupied the No.1 position in the world lithium battery manufacturing industry for many years. Originally, it was born from ATL which made button lithium batteries for AirPods. Zeng Yuqun, the head of the company at that time, fell out with the parent company TDK and came out with the R&D department of ATL to set up CATL. The pledge to break into BMW’s EV-powered battery supply chain was also such a gamble. There was a plaque still hangs in Zeng’s office today proclaiming “Betting is stronger!”
Success stories drive people crazy, but failure stories are more instructive. We have analyzed a lot of failure cases of high-tech start-ups. The reasons for their failure are diverse, but one common reason is that the sustainable acquisition of commercial profits cannot be realized in the process of persistence. Most of the technology-trained R&D personnel pay too much attention to the pursuit of technical perfection, ignoring the support of profits in the process of persistence. When the company’s R&D achievements cannot be widely promoted to the market and it is difficult to obtain capital financing, the fracture of capital chain becomes the main reason for crushing most high-tech start-ups.
Therefore, at the very beginning of its establishment, CeramiX has formulated a long-term development strategy with R&D as the leading, trade as the support, high-end manufacturing as the target, and IPO as the dream.
Our R&D product solid electrolyte has made some progress, and have extensive contact with the big lithium battery manufacturing plant in China, for the lithium battery industry with good contacts and profound understanding, especially we have the world’s No. 6 lithium battery manufacturing enterprises CALB recognition and support, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement, CALB will participate in the R&D of solid state battery with us, and share their pilot line of lithium battery for us to use. Meanwhile, they will support us in trade, and CALB will guarantee us a stable supply of goods at a low price. In addition, our supply chain also provides a variety of cell choices, such as REPT, Lishen, Woo-Power, etc., From cylindrical, Prismatic and Pouch cell, high rate charge-discharge cell, low temperature cell, etc., which make sure we can quickly match the choice most suitable for your application scenario, so as to achieve high quality and low price. And give you reasonable advice and OEM in pack design and assembly. We paid lots of efforts on the establishment of the supply chain, we bought our own battery testing equipment to ensure batteries absolute safety and best batteries, laser module welding machine to ensure our module technology, first-class automation pack assembly line to ensure our pack finished high efficiency low cost. Also all the components for pack, such as BMS, low voltage cable harness, input and output terminals, heating strip, metal case and so on, we have at least two suppliers for each component or part to ensure our on-time delivery and cost control.

CeramiX’s Nasicon series ceramic solid electrolyte

CeramiX’s R&D team and sales team are currently composed of 8 doctors, 16 masters and 24 bachelor’s degrees, with an average age of less than 33 years old, which is a vigorous and enthusiastic team. In the past decade, most of our technical and sales staff have been engaged in lithium battery industry or related industries, with a large number of successful experiences and cases. We have completed 3MWH solar power storage project in northwest of China, and many exporting of 48V50AH and 48V100AH standard backup pack for communication base station, 600KWH commercial energy storage project, golf cart power supply, engineering equipment power supply, RV life power supply and many other cases.

Current situation of China’s lithium battery export

Most buyers believe that buying lithium battery products directly from the battery cell factory is the cheapest, but this is not the case. Now let me explain to you why this is not the case.
There is a serious undersupply of lithium batteries worldwide and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Because the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries very long supply chain, from the top of lithium mining, such as the mineral roughing and finishing, and then to the production of anode materials are precursor, anode materials is made, the supply of components, as well as the design and installation of automated production line, especially the electrolyte and separator among 4 main materials of lithium battery, high added value, limited manufacturers have mastered the mature technology, so it is not easy to put a lithium battery cell factory into operation. As a result, the manufacturing of lithium batteries in China, Japan and South Korea accounts for about 90% of the world’s total, of which 70% are made in China. The current trend is the concentration of lithium battery production and manufacturing is very high. There are about 40 lithium battery cell manufacturing factories in China, and the market share of the top 3(CATL,BYD and CALB) enterprises is more than 70%. Most small and medium-sized cell factories are trapped by scale and technical factors, and the production cost is very high and the capacity is very small. The vast majority of the leading lithium battery manufacturers are focused on the supply of new energy vehicles, because the demand for the power battery of new energy vehicles is the largest, so it often causes other customers to face the situation of broken supply or high price. In particular, lithium battery factories focus more on the production of battery cells, pack design and assembly are basically occupied by power battery pack for vehicles, and they cannot spare energy to deal with the customized pack of small and medium-sized customers. This also explains why some customers come to lithium battery factories with their own orders, but are left out in the cold, because your orders are nothing compared to a vehicle factory’s purchase volume of more than a billion dollars a year.
There are not many lithium battery cells factories, but there are many PACK factories. They usually buy the cells from the first or second level agents of lithium battery cells factories, and then design and assemble them into packs for sale according to customers’ requirements. Therefore, their prices can not be low. In fact, most of the lithium battery factories you find on Alibaba or Made in China are pack factories of all sizes. Some products with very low prices are likely to use B-calss cells inside the pack, so the quality and service life cannot be guaranteed.
CeramiX’s lithium battery Pack service is better than the cell factory and cheaper than the pack factory.

Photo taken with Ms. Jingyu Liu, President of CALB, and the staffs

Are you part of CeramiX’s target client group?

CeramiX’s export of lithium battery products focuses on niche areas, custom design and assembly. We are more friendly to small and medium-sized businesses, even if it is one product, we will patiently help you to complete the production and export. Our customer groups include foreign pack factories that directly purchase battery cells or modules from us, and terminal application customers that purchase packs suitable for their application scenarios from us.
We adhere to the integrity, not fraud not false commitment, give us a chance, you will get more than expected value-added services!

Tommy Zhao
Tommy Zhao
COO of CeramiX. Tommy has held senior executive positions including sales Director of GTM Group and General Manager of Ningbo Source E-business Co., LTD. He has traveled to more than 30 countries around the world. With 15 years of foreign trade sales and management experience, He has a deep understanding of lithium battery production and application.
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